Sam Pupillo

Group Head of Workplace Relations

Coca-Cola Amatil

It has been both a pleasure and privilege working with Simone, such a well-established people and culture professional with strong commercial and business acumen.  


Simone demonstrates some of the best leadership skills I have witnessed, her ability to bring teams together and connect business strategies and priorities speaks for her level of business understanding.  


Simone displays high levels of skill in ‘change management’ having witnessed this being involved in significant projects.  Simone’s ability to create a change management framework and then carry this out speaks volumes for her outstanding business acumen, communication credentials at all levels of the business and her ability to understand ‘Industrial relations’ and employee relations implications and how to weave this into change management has been significant.


Simone’s hands on approach to career coaching, imparting technical knowledge and a powerful yet genuine personality has won her the respect of so many leaders.  Loyal, insightful and a solid work ethic. 


Overall, I have witnessed Simone to be dedicated, self-motivated, methodical and very capable.  She is not only reliable and forward thinking but also an inspiring team player with the ability to adapt to a business culture.  


Richard Briggs

Finance Director

Schneider Electric

During my time at CCA I worked with Simone on a number of significant transformation projects including the closure of our manufacturing site in South Australia and the redesign of a number of functions.

The closure of the South Australian site was particularly impressive, not only did it deliver the expected financial benefits but as importantly the engagement at the site was maintained during the 18 month closure resulting in a continued high output and allowing the team to transition into future roles with the skills required for the changing business landscape.

Although the work was often challenging, both technically and emotionally, the maturity, insight and broad business acumen that Simone brings to the process resulted in improved outcomes for all parties.

Simone is equally adapt in both the strategy and planning of change as well as the execution, which is a skill often lacking in major transformation projects. I look forward to working alongside Sim in the future.


Reyna Matthes


Executive Central

Simone was included in the inaugural David Gonski Women Leading at Coca-Cola Amatil program for senior top talent females.

Inclusion in this program demonstrates her strong technical ability, outstanding performance and recognition of her potential.

Simone stood out to me for her high level impact, ability to build connections and the authenticity she demonstrates.

She is a talented individual; whose personal style enables her to develop strong connections. In my experience Simone is extremely dedicated, demonstrates a strong desire to deliver results and is a great communicator.

She also acted as a mentor to a number of top talent females in subsequent programs and I received strong feedback about her level of commitment, high level of support and the personal impact she made.


Elizabeth Miller

General Manager

Neverfail Spring Water

At Coca-Cola Amatil, we have a prestigious talent programme (The David Gonski Leadership Programme) where high performing females are invited by our CEO and members of our board to participate in an intensive 3-month personal development course.


Alumni then in turn mentor participants of subsequent years, as well as creating their own "pay-it-forward" legacies. From a business of thousands of talented leaders, Simone was selected to be one of the very first participants on the pilot, her talent shining well above and beyond the requirements of her role.


She has always taken a strong people-first leadership approach, and the number of others she in turn supported, mentored and developed as a result of her participation is testament to her work ethic.


The input, success and lasting legacy which people like Simone gave back to the business as a result is the reason the programme is now in its successful fourth year. I was one of the lucky ones that got to have Simone as my mentor.


Through a very challenging time of business transformation, Simone always made me feel like coaching me was the most important and most valuable part of her day.


She listens with empathy, speaks the truth, provides constructive and actionable feedback. The result is very balanced business decision making. Simone understands that engagement is not about how happy people are, but how connected they feel in what they do, and if you have the talent to unleash this the boundaries are endless.


Simone always makes you feel like she has a strong vested interest in your success and any interaction with her leaves you feeling energised and positive about what you can achieve.


 I'm so proud of Simone taking this next step in her career journey, and I will not hesitate to call on her expertise for me and my team in the future


Robert Menadue

Head of Manufacturing
Mayne Pharma

I had the pleasure of working with Simone on a very difficult, but ultimately extremely successful change management project involving the closure of a manufacturing site with Coca-Cola Amatil impacting 150 employees.

The success of this program can be attributed to Simone's detailed planning, excellent communication and her commitment to the success of her stakeholders.

In partnership with her stakeholders Simone created a structured change management plan with key milestones and deliverables, providing clear direction for the change team. As change lead, Simone took the time to genuinely understand the impact of change on her stakeholders, building open and trusting relationships. The resulting level of engagement was critical to the success of the project.

By actively seeking feedback Simone was able to effectively monitor progress and adjust plans as needed when activities were not meeting the needs of the project or her stakeholders. Simone's open and honest communication style allowed these changes to be made in a credible and respectful way.

As one of her key stakeholders (Operations Manager South Australia), Simone delivered exceptional support to me professionally and personally and I highly recommend her as an experienced and successful HR professional.


Jarrad Mortimer

Sales Director

Coca-Cola Amatil

I have worked with Simone for many years on numerous people and culture projects. Simone is diligent, caring, thorough, knowledgeable and passionate about any project she takes on. Simone also has a wonderful style that blends itself exceptionally well across all layers within a business.
Her desire to achieve an agreed outcome is equalled by her ability to manage and lead key stakeholders with the right amount of direction and empathy when required as well.
I would not hesitate to recommend Simone for any Human Resource, Project or People work you may have.


Ali Uren


Executive Central

I had the pleasure of working closely with Simone during the planning stage of the CCA SA Supply Chain Transformation Project 2017-2018. Kiikstart was invited to design and facilitate a project for the senior leadership and production teams who were impacted by redundancy as a result of the closure of the Adelaide based manufacturing operations.


Simone and I worked closely to ensure a creative, forward thinking model of learning and development was provided that resulted in actual outcomes that allowed all staff to compete in a changing world. During the whole project, and especially in the formative stages of project design, it was evident that Simone had a genuine care for all staff and a high level of understanding into the organisation and the changes and challenges it was facing.


This level of in-depth insight and knowledge allowed Kiikstart to create a model that was 100% relevant to each staff member and be delivered at the right time for positive impact. Simone’s ability to be across key parts of the operation, in the right way and at the right time, was pivotal to the overall project’s success.


Leila Watts

HR Director Oceania

Beam Suntory

I had the pleasure of working with Simone on a cultural transformation project that we embarked on between our two organisations (Coca-Cola Amatil and Beam Suntory) to build a strong commercial partnership.


During my time working with her I found she had a great collaborative style and a clear vision and understanding of what great leadership and teamwork looked like.


She had great ideas and a real focus on creating people initiatives that would drive results. I would absolutely partner with her again.


Jessie Porteus


The Learned Crew

Simone is professional, insightful, empathetic, encouraging, and invested in the talent she coaches. Simone generously shares her years of experience and learnings with her clients, to facilitate successful outcomes. I could not recommend Simone enough for talent coaching.


Emma Pastro

Leadership Partner

Coca-Cola Amatil

I had the privilege of having Simone as my manager for almost one year at Coca-Cola Amatil.

Simone is one of the strongest HR leaders that I have worked with.

As a leader she empowers her team, fosters a collaborative culture, actively coaches and develops individuals in her team and leads by example.

In partnering with the business Simone has a very commercial approach, focuses on strategic priorities and is solutions oriented.

She is a creative thinker who considers commercial, company and customer experience viewpoints.

Simone is also one of the most genuine people I have met, she sincerely cares about others and has time for everyone.

She has a highly engaging and inspiring style with a straightforward and honest approach.

It was an absolutely pleasure working with Simone and I hope to work with her again in the future.


Tony Scanlan

Former General Manager

Paradise Beverages

As General Manager I was responsible for the sustainable growth of the Pacific Alcohol business. There are two separate and distinct business units one in Fiji and the other in Samoa. The Fiji business was in good shape and was embarking on a massive growth program with all the associated issues that accompany change management.
The Samoa business came under very aggressive competition that threatened the viability of the business.


To assist the business cope with these two challenges we enlisted Simone Fletcher to use her skills as a business partner. Simone quickly got up to speed with the commercial challenges and provided sound commercial leadership to develop a well thought out step by step plan. During the development of the plan Simone demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities her style was one of collaboration and confidence. There was a perfect balance of empathy and a call to action.

Her ability to dissect complex issues and provide sound whole of business commercial advise while connecting with the people in the business was essential for success.

Just to demonstrate her flexibility the role for Fiji required a skill set that delivered cultural development and talent management. From a General Managers perspective, it was great assistance to have someone that can quickly access the critical cultural needs of a business plus provide good constructive challenge.

I would highly recommend Simone if you are looking for someone to provide a high quality whole of business plan.


Cris Arnold

National Strategic Planning Manager
Coca-Cola Amatil

Simone and I were worked closely together in designing a flexible labour model for Coca-Cola Amatil in our Grocery Division. This division contributes significantly to the overall revenue of Coca-Cola Amatil and was designed to increase execution standards, reduce out of stocks and grow our profitability.
The program included tendering, complex labour analysis, establishing trial’s and development of an IT platform to deliver frictionless workforce planning. The execution phase from Simone's perspective included partnering with the supplier to recruit 100+ hires, all safety considerations and compliance with a third party workforce, establishing the payment process and a significant amount of change management, communication both internally and externally and workforce planning.
This program was ultimately very successful in delivery cost savings, increased execution of our brands and reduced out of stocks at key times and periods.
Simone was amazing throughout this program at taking strategy, bringing her significant financial, business and P&C skills to the table and being able to develop pragmatic operational plans. Her diligence in linking back to defined business benefits meant we delivered significant value to CCA throughout the program.
On a personal note Simone is incredibly professional, reliable and great fun to work with.